Our clients get Revenue to power the Nation and keep the lights on

Our customers are paid to reduce their energy usage 2 to 5 hours per year to avoid Blackouts

Endeco delivers Revenue from the National Grid Schemes Together we help the Nation avoid Blackouts

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“Top-notch service

that provides ongoing support around the clock”

Endeco Technologies’ profile

“I just had to put Brakes Group name on the cheque from National Grid”



“Endeco’s platform connects our facilities to National Grid, manages and monitors our energy for Scheme participation, and delivers us a monthly Revenue”

Brakes Group earns £215,000 for 3 Megawatts – Case Study

We are the First National Grid Aggregator

for FFR Scheme thanks to our tested & validated Platform.

Endeco Technologies are the

Technology Leader in Smart Grid Optimisation

We offer the software and hardware that plugs in directly on your SCADA/ BMS managing your energy to deliver a New Revenue

We Deliver

£70,000 of recurring revenue per Megawatt

See how we deliver the Revenue with the National Grid Schemes

  • No up-front cost


    We are financing the installation from a share of the revenue stream

    • Our clients get a Guaranteed Revenue by contract with National Grid
    • Endeco receives  a share of the revenue generated to install and run the Scheme
    • Hardware & Software installed as required by National Grid
    • Network Operations Centre monitoring 24/7

    No up-front capital cost

We connect facilities to Revenue

from the National Grid Schemes

Audit of facility and assets to turn down

Ensuring no disruptions to operations


Install bespoke wireless sensors & meters


Platform manages in real-time the National Grid Schemes

Identifies on-site available assets to automatically turn down and back on


Network Operations Center 

24/7 available team send text message & email to notify of the Turn Down event 

Monitoring that all clients operations are running as usual


Delivering monthly revenue

Endeco’s clients receive a monthly revenue for being available to turn down at National Grid’s request


How does it work? 


They Trust Us

Our clients are large power users within different industries.

We manage their participation to the National Grid Schemes with respect of their processes and without disrupting their operations and production.


Eligibility check by Sector Discover the assets used by our clients to participate to the National Grid Schemes

Network Operations Centre

  • 24/7 Support Team

  • Site Monitoring

  • Alarms & events

  • Trends & analysis

  • Carbon & Energy Report

  • Monthly Revenue Report

  • Future Proof Revenue

    We doubled the Revenue our clients received from National Grid in 2015.


    Our Modular Platform is in the cloud,

    so we can deploy & adapt to any scheme with better value 

    at a click of a button in all our clients’ facilities.

Free Extra

Boost your Building Management System / SCADA

Our Platform connects facilities to revenue from the National Grid Schemes and upgrades their existing system at the same time, unlocking:

Future Proof Technology

We have the biggest development team in the industry, so we are always developing alongside National Grid.

Automated Energy Savings

  • DuoS & Triad charge avoidance. Already shifting for Triads? We optimise and automate it.
  • Smart tariffs
  • Maximum Demand Control
  • Efficiency

Energy Dashboard

With consumption down to the assets, we simplify the life of many energy managers. Line managers can also compare energy performance across multiple sites.

Get an overview with graphs. Compare & optimise your facility with detailed energy data. Export your energy reports.

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