• Grid CashBack Scheme

    National Grid CashBack Scheme delivers £30,000 per MegaWatt per year to turn down your electricity consumption for 30 minutes. Join with as little as 0.25MW Today!

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  • Fully Optimised

    Consume your energy at the lowest price, avoid short notice peaks… Automate your load using Smart Tariffs, Day Ahead and Real Time!

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  • Why Endeco Technologies

    • Leading provider of Energy CashBack from National Grid Scheme, Energy Incentives Automation and Bill Optimisation
    • To the to Hotels, Airports, Retailers, Logistics, Cold Stores, Food Services & Processors, Paper & Chemical Industries
    • Get set up within 4 weeks
    • Wireless solution guaranteeing No Disruption of your operations
    • Unique Energy Incentives Optimisation Software automating your energy 24/7
    • Monthly #CashBack Revenue Dashboard
    • Monthly Carbon & Energy Dashboard
    • The biggest development team in the industry

  • Network Operations Centre


    • Monitoring and Optimising your temperatures & productions 365 days a year
    • On going alerts & support 24/7

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